Friday, January 4, 2019

Two More Fascist Ideas

After having successfully muscled a Muslim travel ban into existence by including North Korea and Venezuela in it, Trump now has his sights set on his big, beautiful wall along the border with Mexico. To accomplish this Trump has floated two ideas I have previously suggested he would eventually use: a national emergency and borderland eminent domain.

Of Course Trump Is a Fascist

Like many right wing dictators before him, Trump is considering using extraordinary executive powers to seal his authoritarian regime. It's certainly novel to do so for the sake of a real estate project. Personally, I had expected him to do so to arrest Democratic Party congressional leaders and send them to Guantanamo without charge (thanks Obama) on the basis of allegations of the party's ties to the Muslim Brotherhood as is the vogue with the conspiracy theorists Trump has sewn himself among. I still haven't found the origin of his Chinese theory of climate change, so who knows what tattered ace he has up his sleeve on this one.

This move toward unchecked executive authority is unsurprising if you have believed all along, based on the actual things he says, that he is a fascist. It is probably surprising if you believe that "checks and balances" is anything more than aspirational. Indeed, congress does have some oversight on the matter. They'd have to renew Trump's state of emergency.


Fascism has historically demonstrated that liberal republics are the best vehicle for anti-democratic insurrections. Founded on a creed of egoistic domination for its own sake, fascism takes various forms depending on who holds the reins. Trump's fascism seems to resemble that of neoreactionaries, albeit with a real estate corporation taking over the government rather than a tech company. Which bring us to the next fascist idea: eminent domain.

I had also suggested this possibility last year. Trump would use eminent domain to sell borderlands to his own company to build a privately managed border wall. Not sure why the eminent domain has to involve the military, but different strokes I guess.

Unfortunately, and mostly to the chagrin of shitlibs and lesser socdems, Trump absolutely has the power that far leftists said he does and that his followers want him to. The only power he doesn't seem to have is the power to make federal workers stop calling out sick.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Yesterday, a federal court decided that New York's nunchuck ban is unconstitutional. It should be noted that New York bans practically all weapons, even ones typically used for self-defense. I got nabbed for this one time when I was brandishing pepperspray on my belt. The officer let me off with a warning. Hopefully, this ruling will apply to those weapons as well.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Union Power

Those charter school teachers in Chicago who went on strike have reached a tentative agreement with their school. Theirs was the first strike of charter school teachers in the country. Hopefully this sets a precedent.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

16 Shots and a Cover Up

Was doing a lot of crying this morning educating myself on the shooting of Laquan McDonald. Among other things, I came across this podcast series. Anyone who knows me knows I don't listen to podcasts, but this one actually held my attention. Check it out here.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Conquest of Bread

I finally got around to reading the bread book. It was okay. I prefer Mutual Aid. The basic premise of The Conquest of Bread is to map out necessary conditions for what Kropotkin calls Social Revolution. In such a revolution, the manner in which production is carried out, as well as the ownership structures governing it, must be overhauled. For Kropotkin, revolution is all or nothing. If any vestiges of liberal capitalism remain, the revolution is doomed to failure.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

It's Like Angela Nagle Read Settlers and Sided with the White People

Angela Nagle pulls at our collective memory of decommunization by invoking Reagan's Berlin Wall speech in the lede of her latest for American Affairs Journal. In keeping with her steady slide into Strasserism, we find her parroting some of Tom Metzger's favorite talking points by positing unchecked immigration as inherently anti-working class (and the reverse position as the True Left).