Monday, November 25, 2019

The Right Doesn't Like It When You Correctly Identify Racism

I guess feelings don't care about facts either. Since writing a report about the very true presence of VDare and Red Ice TV on Facebook, Guardian tech reporter Julia Carrie Wong has received a bunch of attention from right wing outlets, angrily stating that she correctly identifies racists online.

In Breitbart's article, David Ng alleges "a breach of journalistic ethics." In his article, we find scant evidence of such a breach. Instead, we find Ng railing that Wong refused to publish Breitbart spin on a single (and not very flattering) write-up in the NY Times Magazine about a Harvard-MIT textual study that Breitbart writers claim absolves them of a connection to the white nationalist right, despite repeated exposés about their editors actual connections to the contrary. He also criticizes her for using correct information from the SPLC, claiming that the SPLC is discredited on the basis of one reporting error for which they apologized. (Sure wish they applied that standard of excellence to their own sources.)

Ng then samples a few of Julia Carrie Wong's tweets to hammer home the fact that he does not actually care about the content of her reporting. In these tweets, Wong correctly identifies Morrissey and concern over demographic change as racist. That's it. That's the entire transgression.

The Daily Stormer and (not the now-defunct blog run by Richard Spencer, Daniel Friberg, et al.) both drop all pretense of attempting to discredit the facts she presents. Rather they go after her race. A lot. It's kind of weird. What keystrokes aren't wasted on this is spent bemoaning censorship, as if they give a fuck about censorship.

True to form, the creepazoids are on the prowl, sending Wong all manner of death threats, or rather what those on the far right prefer to send: really creepy death wishes.