Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The Nazis Still Have No Concept of Security Culture

This week has certainly been one for Nazi leaks. First with Richard Spencer ranting about kikes and octoroons, then his right hand man being doxxed by other nazis, now the entirety of the Iron March forums awaiting doxxes. It totally makes sense that Nazis would have zero concept of security culture since their ideology is predicated on caring about nothing but yourself.

Getting doxxed showed me how much personal security is community security. Because of my failure to consider my digital footprint, I put friends and family members in danger of also getting doxxed. The nazis tried, but failed to doxx my parents, my partner at the time, as well as one of my ex-partners for some reason. My failure to protect myself by removing myself from data broker websites or hiding my personal connections on social media meant other people took the heat for what I did.

There are plenty of resources out there on security culture, and I suggest you read up before it becomes a problem. Also, don't organize death squads on a public forum.