Wednesday, October 23, 2019

New Zine!

After persistent nagging by right-wing trolls, I decided to write a "how to define fascism" zine, so they can stop asking me to define fascism. They'll probably still ask me anyway. You can read the zine here.

Okay, so I don't really define fascism. I didn't think that was particularly useful to do in the form of a zine. Instead, I traced definitions of fascism from fascism's origins to the present day. For the sake of clarity, I include a brief history of classical fascism and neo-fascism. In addition, I have a section that reviews some parameters to keep in mind when coming up with a definition of fascism. I also include a manifesto of sorts explaining why objectivity is necessarily anti-fascist.

I hope this can be a handy resource for people interested in how fascism should be defined. I've made a serious effort to try to include a wide variety of scholars including people with whom I vehemently disagree. *cough* A. James Gregor *cough* I expect the reader not to come away with any particular definition of fascism, but rather to be prepared to define it themselves. I also want this zine's references section to be a resource for readers who want to learn more. Please want to learn more.

I've tried to write this zine for everyone, including fascists. I hope the language is accessible to the lay reader. If you have any comments, questions, edits, or suggestions, email me at the address on the back of the zine. If you want a physical copy of the zine Venmo or PayPal me $5-10 and your address at vulgareconomics. Enjoy!