Friday, August 9, 2019

Review of My Correspondence with Gretchen

Iona Italia has written a wonderful review of my letters with Gretchen. It does a great job of summarizing what's been discussed and delves deep into a few of the more contentious issues that have come up:

Gretchen Mullen is an award-winning journalist and the author of the blog Skeptic Review. Michael Isaacson has a PhD in economics. He is the cofounder of the Antifa group, Smash Racism DC. Mullan and Isaacson’s long on-going correspondence on Letter tackles free speech, policing, media coverage, fascist recruiting techniques and Antifa. Halfway through their exchange, the journalist Andy Ngo was attacked by members of Antifa, while covering a rally. This event shifted the focus of the conversation from the nature of fascism to violence as a political tactic.
The writers address inflammatory topics in a way that would surely descend quickly into insults in the gladiatorial arena of Twitter. Instead, with tact and care, Mullen prompts Isaacson to outline his political worldview in an attempt to find common ground. While I find some of Isaacson’s views very troubling, he is palpably honest. There is no spin here: this is a man with deep convictions. He also has some helpful insights into fascist ideology.
The correspondence covers too wide a range of topics to be addressed in this brief article. I’ll focus on some jumping off points for an exploration of fascism; then, offer some brief thoughts on the Andy Ngo incident.
It's a great write-up and you can read the rest on Areo.