Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Media Eating Up "Ex-Antifa" Who Wants Us Designated Domestic Terrorists

Some jackoff from the Leadership Institute is making the rounds on right wing media (and Newsweek) claiming to have been antifa from 2010-2013 before making a hard right turn with the Leadership Institute.

The Leadership Institute has its share of controversy. In 2011, it was lambasted by the SPLC for associating with the white supremacist Youth for Western Civilization. To give you an idea of YWC, Matthew Heimbach was once a member and changed his chapter's name to the White Student Union. That later became Traditionalist Youth and its eventual adult wing, the Traditionalist Workers Party.

The Leadership Institute claims a few notable alums, including James O'Keefe who makes a living fabricating stories much like this one. I'll remain skeptical about this one until I see some corroborating evidence.