Monday, February 11, 2019

Oh Look, the Daily Stormer's Defending a Pedophile

Or I guess paedophile, since he's from the UK.

Andrew Anglin and Pomidor Quixote (I assume, a nom de plume) teamed up to write in defense of a man who claimed to have had sexual encounters with a 12-year-old on social media and later denied it to police. The offender met the girl on an online dating site where she said she was 19. At the time, he was 27.

Despite the actual age difference and the slightly smaller but no less ill-advised apparent age difference, Anglin and Quixote (someone please dox them, so I don't have to call them that) go out of their way to defend this man.

They give us gems like this one:
That’s where this story should end if we were living in a sane world. The girl tricked the man into thinking she was older, they had a consensual encounter, and they both went back to their lives.

But we’re not living in a sane world.

We’re living in a surreal waking nightmare realm.

Conclusion: pedophilia isn't that bad, and if there's a misunderstanding, then the pedophilia didn't happen at all. Talk about a nightmare realm. But they go on:

That’s right. In clown world, a girl tricks you into thinking she’s older and suggests you two go back to your flat, you engage in some kind of “sexual act” – which was not intercourse, according to all parties, and which I assume was probably finger-banging as he performed it on her – and you are so unaware you did anything wrong that you post publicly about it on the internet.

And then you go to jail because SURPRISE! she lied to you about her age and that somehow makes you a criminal and a terrible monster. (formatting in the original)

They're really pulling for this guy. And his finger-banging. And their right to imagine his finger-banging. (Also, interesting use of "flat." Perhaps Quixote is British? Someone please dox them, so I don't have refer to a Certanvtes character.)

But hey at least they found the reason:

The Jews are really working hard to scare white men into not engaging with white women.

It should be noted that nowhere in The Daily Mail article do they mention the girl's race. That she's white is purely in the imagination of Anglin and Quixote (seriously, dox them). Just like the finger-banging.

There might be another reason why Anglin is so interested in defending this pederast. In a video posted 4 years ago, Anglin is in the Philippines shown hand-in-hand with someone whom he refers to in the video as his "jailbait girlfriend." Anglin has since gone on to get sued for harassment by a woman in Montana.

Andrew Anglin is still in hiding.

This is a list of far right pedophiles.