Monday, April 9, 2018

We've All Dated That Goy

Gee. Dash. Dee.

I suppose I should start by saying that there are plenty of chill goyim out there. Just because you had a bad experience with one self-conscious goy doesn't mean that all goyim will project their insecurities onto you in a national newspaper. That said, we've all dated that goy.

The goy who repeatedly asked whether we'd ultimately see ourselves marrying a Jewish woman. The goy who insisted that we were just trying to spare their feelings by lying. The goy with whom we tried to share our traditions that we honestly didn't practice so much, but it's an excuse to get the family together. The goy who needed to feel more connected to your Jewishness than you were. The goy who felt more connected to your Jewishness than they were to you.

In a heroic act of shiksa vindictiveness, Carey Purcell took to a national newspaper to announce her intention to avoid dating Jewish men based on a sampling of two (2) relationships with Jewish men that ended, to her mind, because of her partner's secret intentions as described above. I could quote her strange orientalization of her previous partners' Jewishness (and that of their mothers), but why bother? We've all dated that goy.

The one who made accommodating her insecurity about your identity a part-time job. The one whom you refuse to make you feel guilty about your Jewishness. The one who induces you to question if things wouldn't be easier but for her goyishkeit. (Turns out it doesn't matter all that much but do you.)

Anyway, I support Carey Purcell leaving Jewish men the fuck alone.