Thursday, November 2, 2017

What Do Nazis Have Against Hewlett-Packard?

In a weird twist of circumstance, an action planned by the Revolutionary Communist Party is actually drawing some attention. As with most times the RCP generates attention for an action, it is negative attention from an action that is misconstrued.

A benign and, knowing RCP, poorly planned day of protest against the "Trump/Pence regime" called for by their front group Refuse Fascism has been filtered through the far right conspiracy-sphere and come out the other side a coming race war led by antifa. This has been facilitated by fascist ecosystem of fake antifa social media accounts, a broad network of millenarian conspiracy blogs, and a gullible conservative base eager to confirm their biases without auxiliary research. In the fray, the first group seems to have an unlikely target for their planned crossfire: Hewlett Packard?

As part of the false flagging carried out by ever-obvious Nazis, the above "press release" began circulating as a screenshot around right wing social media. Among the hilariously uninformed quotations:

"Anti-fascist Action LLC Co. inc. (c)"

I'm sure antifa would register as an

"Antifa® has announced it will execute all Trump voters and Gun owners"

Why is "gun" capitalized?

"After a recent vote by the executive assembly and membership stewards..."

Oh we have juntas now?

The press release also implies antifa is anti-gun and concerned about the strength of America. It's signed by a "media liaison" named "Mohammed Markstein" resembling one of the hundreds of signatures with which fascists swarmed on a petition I put out against NPI in 2015. Beyond this obvious unfamiliarity with antifascist theory, practice, or sentiment, the strangest twist is the apparent targeting of Hewlett Packard.

Fascists know that putting contact information with their targets will elicit a swarm of death threats. Anyone who has been doxxed by them (including me) has experienced this. So it's curious that on the phone number and address information on the release all point to HP.

The contact information in the letterhead directs to the corporate offices of HP Enterprise in New York City. Even stranger, the contact information for the media liaison directs to the contact number for HP retirees who signed up for the previous iteration of their employee stock purchase plan: Wells Fargo. Apparently, some fascist is really mad at HP Enterprise's employee stock purchasing plan. Good thing they have a new one.