Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sam Hyde Will Never Be Responsible For A Mass Shooting

Sam Hyde is the co-host of a questionable anti-comedy & prank show called Million Dollar Extreme and he is not responsible for a shooting today at UCLA. As with most publicized US shootings for the past year or two, neo-nazis are once again intentionally trying to muddy the information pouring out of developing news stories.

I can't say for sure when this "prank" started, but Nazis sure do love laughing about it. Here we have neo-nazi @RemoverOfKebabs - a twitter handle referring an early 90's rant by a Bosnian Serb soldier declaring his vendetta against Muslims - putting out the hoax for UCLA. As of this writing, the tweet has over one thousand tweets.

The game is pretty simple: Photoshop Sam Hyde into a costume exhibiting white nationalist leanings, give Hyde an accompanying backstory, and throw it into the stream of tweets on the relevant hashtag. Then, as those concerned with racial injustice (and in some cases mainstream media) fall for the hoax, laugh at their unfamiliarity with the cynical rituals of internet fascists.

Don't believe the Hyde.