Monday, July 20, 2015

Why the #NoFlagginChallenge Is Actually Really Important

Since Bree Newsome's spiderwoman takedown of the South Carolina statehouse's confederate flag and its subsequent removal through official legislation, a wave of anti-flagging vigilantism has begun.

If you haven't yet seen the #NoFlagginChallenge, the videos below will get you up to speed.

Although the righteous heroism of the challenge is certainly fun to cheer on, I feel that it also speaks to a potential to turn the tables of the debate around the flag. Those whose flags are stolen must make the conscious choice to get a new flag knowing that someone removed it out of disapproval. This confronts those confederate flag apologists with the choice: be with the hardcore white nationalists in embracing the flag, or be with the people who took it down. There is no in between.

Hopefully, this leads to general disapproval of display of that flag in the public sphere. Hopefully, people who purport not to be racist will stop allowing avowed racists from blending in by embracing that symbol of hate. Hopefully.