Monday, June 22, 2015

"White Pride" Matters Reader

I have been saying since at least 2012 that we have to be paying serious attention to what Nazis are doing and how they are organizing. In the past three decades, we have seen a huge number of mass shootings in the United States. This climate provides cover for the strategies of White Nationalists.

It is important to recognize that the term "lone wolf" is not a way for law enforcement to distinguish political violence they tacitly approve of from that which they explicitly do not (although they do this in plenty of other ways). Rather the term was coined by White Nationalists themselves to describe a distributed strategy of (accelerating) political violence. Nazis love that woodland imagery and shit. The adoption of this tactic is largely the result of unintended consequences of the FBI's counterintelligence program operating in the early 70's which fractured white hate organizations, drove them underground, and caused them to merge in new (and probably to them, exciting) ways.

What follows is a reading list on the history of White Nationalism in the United States. Given the confusing and perhaps disturbingly compelling nature of fascist writing, I present first a list of scholarly historical, anthropological, and sociological research on White Nationalist activities in the United States.

I strongly recommend that you read the secondary source (scholarly) material before dabbling into the primary source (fascist) material.

As I said before, fascist writing can appear very compelling. It is important when reading fascists to be know in advance what and whom you are reading. I recommend that you research the authors of the primary source material so that you know what you are getting into. All primary source material is donotlinked.

In addition, I am also including a list of readings geared towards deprogramming your brain from fascist thought. I strongly recommend you read these as an antidote to the mindfuck that is fascism.

Secondary Source (read first):

Umberto Eco - Ur-Fascism (14 Ways of Looking at a Blackshirt)

John Drabble - From White Supremacy to White Power: The FBI, COINTELPRO-WHITEHATE, and the Nazification of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1970s

Val Burris et al. - White Supremacist Networks on the Internet

Peter Simi and Robert Futrell - Negotiating White Power Activist Stigma

Brad Whitsel - The Turner Diaries and Cosmotheism: William Pierce's Theology

Eckard Toy - "Promised Land" or Armageddon? History, Survivalists, and the Aryan Nations in the Pacific Northwest

Primary Source (read with the utmost disdain):

Benito Mussolini (ghostwritten by Giovanni Gentile) - The Doctrine of Fascism

Tom Metzger - Laws for the Lone Wolf

Matthew Heimbach - Address to the 2013 American Freedom Party Conference (video)

Andrew MacDonald - The Turner Diaries

Der Bruder Schweiger Archives - 14 Words Decoded

Deprogramming Readings (read intermittantly as needed):

Chandra Mohanty - US Empire and the Project of Women's Studies: Stories of Citizenship, Complicity and Dissent

Kimberle Crenshaw - Mapping the Margins: Intersectionality, Identity Politics, and Violence Against Women of Color

Julia Ott - Slaves: The Capital That Made Capitalism

Tariq Khan - "Come O Lions! Let Us Cause a Mutiny:" Anarchism and the Subaltern

Ashanti Alston - Beyond Nationalism But Not Without It