Friday, May 15, 2015


For the past two days, the Twitter hashtag #BlackChurchSex has been the hub of a very deep and thoughtful conversation around sexual expectations within Black Christian communities. As a white Ashkenazi Jew, I have no place in this conversation, and do not intend to add to it. Rather, I believe that a similar conversation needs to happen about white Christian communities. Unlike the conversation among Black Christians, the white church has the political and financial capital to impose their regressive and oppressive sexual mores on the rest of us. Thus, this conversation must involve all of us.

So let's start:

  • #WhiteChurchSex prevents US funded AIDS organizations from advocating contraception
  • #WhiteChurchSex lobbies for arbitrary regulations to limit abortion access
  • #WhiteChurchSex causes measles epidemics because MMR vaccines contain stem cells (but not fetal stem cells)
  • #WhiteChurchSex uses state laws to limit contraception sale to minors
  • #WhiteChurchSex lobbies against programs for LGBT homeless youth
  • #WhiteChurchSex causes chlamydia outbreaks through its advocacy of abstinence-only sex education
  • #WhiteChurchSex operates conversion therapy centers for LGBT youth with state funding
  • #WhiteChurchSex is protected by law to be able to remind us that "god hates fags" at our funerals
  • #WhiteChurchSex got states to pass "religious freedom laws" to protect businesses who discriminate against LGBT folks
  • #WhiteChurchSex protects predators if they are active members of the church

We need to have this important conversation, too.