Saturday, November 12, 2016

Resources for Organizing

Since the election of Trump, I've been getting a lot of people reaching out asking how to get involved in the resistance against him and his fascist acolytes. While I have on occasion been giving out the names of organizations for people to tap into, I've also been pushing people to organize the heretofore apolitical spaces that they frequent (work, school, church, synagogue, union, etc.). My reasoning is two-fold. First, it's really easy to plug into a bunch of organizations and burn out taking on too much work. Second, there is no guarantee that under a Trump presidency, any organizations - whether they be the Democratic party, minor socialist parties, or even small community groups - will continue to exist under a Trump national security state.

To this end, I am compiling a list of resources to help the novice activist get started to organize where they're at. In this guide, you will find the resources you need to push your colleagues to political action, run meetings, and plan a political strategy.

Happy organizing!


  1. Hi Mike,

    Let me say this upfront: I am not American and whatever knowledge I might have about US things is strictly limited to what I see on the net and TV.

    I have seen a lot of alarm regarding Donald Trump. I'm not saying it's justified (neither I'm denying it is). My questions -- and I hope you take them as honest questions from a foreigner curious about US politics, not as an attempt to be an smart ass -- are:

    (1) Realistically, do you think Trump will be as bad as that?
    (2) How did the US get itself into that situation?

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not doubting Trump will be bad in a normal-kind-of-bad way: a Ronald Reagan bad. My question is whether we can realistically expect to see something like fascism in the US?

    Related: have you seen this:

    The Trump Inversion

    I'm not Peter Dorman's fan. But at least he presents a different scenario.

    1. Yours are really interesting questions!!